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The most common orthopedic problems are relayed to alignment issues.

Sean Hampton MPT:

The most common problem that I see coming into my office on a regular basis would, be people coming in with alignment issues. Most of the time, these alignment issues have been there their whole life. Sometimes it's been after an injury or surgery or something dramatic that happened to their body, but generally they've been there for a while and they eventually cause breakdown within your body.

Whether it be a joint tendon, muscle, ligament or nerve, something starts to give way overtime and everybody's a little bit different in how long it takes for them to get to that point.

My answer to those people, of what do you do, would be that they should seek out somebody who can really assess and look at your alignment issues and really make sure that they're addressing the bio-mechanical cause, or their mal-alignment I should say and addressing that, not just looking at the joint problem that you're having.

It might be knee pain or foot pain, plane faces, don't they shouldn't just be looking at that and treating it, they need to look at the whole picture, that's kind of from head to toe and looking at multiple systems as well that play a role in those those mechanical faults.

So I'd say: no matter who you see what, no matter what professional it is, they just need to have a good eye and really pay attention to those things, and you need to look at it yourself.

You need to do self assessments and look at yourself in front of a mirror, how you move, how you walk, how you stand, how you sit, how you squat.

That would be my best recommendation to you guys out there.



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