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Postoperative or Post-surgery Rehab refers to the program of care following a surgical procedure. 


What is Post-surgery Rehab? 

Physical therapy is an essential component of this program and is necessary for ensuring a successful outcome from surgery. Without proper care, your recovery time may be lengthened or leave you with chronic pain and/or dysfunction. Many times, when surgery is correcting a chronic problem, your body has had to adjust and adapt to survive and keep moving despite your orthopedic and neurologic issues. This often results in poor movement patterns that continue to persist even when your surgeon has repaired and fixed this longstanding condition. Finding and correcting these dysfunctions is as important as your recovery from surgery. 

7 Sean HAmpton Symbolo BLK.png

Why me? 

We all must be able to follow a protocol, but as some point in time we need to make clinical judgments in the implementation and progression of the protocol and plan. My years of clinical experience in post-operative rehabilitation have been crucial in guiding my decisions and helping my clients get back to what they love to do in life and sport. As surgical techniques, medical technology, biologics, and science advances with new and improved techniques, it’s my job to stay current, so you can benefit from those improvements. Through constant communication with your surgeon, I ensure that your post-operative rehabilitation experience will be a positive one. 

Some of the common surgeries I treat: 

  • Rotator cuff repair, labral repairs, latarjet

  • ACL/PCL/MCL/LCL and meniscus repair 

  • Shoulder and hip labral repair

  • Foot/ankle tendon/ligament repairs

  • Joint stabilization procedures

  • UCL/Tommy John

  • Joint replacement of the shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, and spine

  • Ortho-trauma

  • Joint resurfacing procedures

  • Spine fusion, disc replacement, and laminectomy

  • Abdominal/pelvic repairs

  • And many more 

Schedule your appointment at Ph. (310) 331-8544 or email.

I would be glad to start with your one-on-one rehab therapy program.

 Welcome the opportunity to assist you in your postoperative rehab needs.

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