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I love to share valuable content and experiences with our community, it will be useful for a new quality lifestyle.

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Read what our patients have said about us!

"No one, I repeat no one has done the incredible job of evaluating, working out a program, and working with me as did Sean. I worked with him for a few months in 2018, and quickly, not only saw results but was able to learn things about attending to my physical structure, movement, in addition to the exercises, many of which that I can now do on my own.

I know I've said it before but it's never too many times: THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORK AND YOUR CARING. YOU'VE HELP ME GET MY LIFE BACK!...and helped lower my handicap. We improved my game, tee to green."


Stephen K.


"I have been receiving treatment with Sean for various orthopedic diagnoses and I have had nothing but a positive result and experience during my rehabilitation."


Gary Gitnick, MD.

Chief, Division of Digestive Diseases and Professor of Medicine, UCLA Medical Center.


I am writing to express my thanks to my physical therapist, Sean Hampton for the great work that he has provided during my rehabilitation. I was pleased with the way Sean guides me through my exercise routine and coordinate it with my trainer. In addition, he used a lot of hands-on treatments that helped to improve my mobility and reduce discomfort during exercise. 

I highly recommend Sean Hampton to anyone in need of physical therapy.



Dr. Ray R. Irani.

Chairman of the Board Occidental Petroleum Corporation.


"Sean has helped both my daughter recover from her hip injury from soccer and helped me find relief from my hip & back pain. He is able to zero in on the problem quickly, provide effective treatment, and develop a home exercise program specific to your needs. I highly recommend Sean."


D. Specc.

“As director of PM & R, I have extensive experience in the area of physical therapy and I can say that their treatment has been nothing less than exceptional. I cannot count how many times I have had a patient come back to my office or call my office that has been to another office and say how happy they were after being treated with Sean. My patients often have very complicated and hard-to-help conditions and their facility has been the most successful in the treatment of their conditions.” 


David E. Fish, MD, MPH.

Director of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, UCLA Spine Center.

"Dear Sean

I´m writing this to express my deepest appreciation to you for your marvelous services and the help you have been to me since I underwent back surgery for a severe herniated disk problem in 2005. Without your wonderful ministrations, I surely would have had a far more difficult recovery, and the timely resumption of my extremely busy work schedule would have been impossible.

You have made a real difference in my life! Thank you, Sean."


Ann Philbin.

Director, Hammer Museum.


"Sean Hampton is very professional and very good at what he does. I spar for 8-10 rounds and been through hard training the whole week but when I see Sean and do his magic, I feel refreshed when I step out of his office. No more pain, no sorer in my whole body, ready for war again. Even my long time injuries, Sean fixes in one or two sessions I cannot believe it. He is a big help for me and I will keep him on my team as long as I am boxing."


Mark Magsayo.

Professional Boxer.

"Sean has been my PT on and off for easily over 10 years. He has also seen most of my family members too!  Sean is the only PT who truly addressed the complexity of my spine (having had multiple surgeries and scoliosis) by giving me fine-tuned exercises and personal hands-on treatment that were applicable to my body.   

He also is a great referral source for other people in the medical field.  Being a PT myself, I’m most appreciative and aware of his skills, demeanor, and compassion for his patients."



"I was referred to Sean Hampton in connection with the rehabilitation of my knee after ACL replacement surgery in January (2019). Not only did Sean skillfully guide me through a course of physical therapy to regain my full range of motion, strength, and stability after knee surgery, but he also helped me to understand and address some other ongoing sources of imbalance and discomfort in my body. Sean looks at his patients with attention to the biomechanics of the entire body. He consistently brings his extensive experience, intelligence, professionalism, and intuitive nature to his practice. In my experience (having been to physical therapy for any number of reasons over the last 10-15 years), Sean delivers a quality of service that is unparalleled. I am very grateful for the level of service and care that Sean has and continues to deliver. What is more, Sean is an extremely kind and humble person. He makes all of his patients feel important and at ease."






"Having been plagued for many years with disc issues in my lower spine, I have seen multiple practitioners and undergone several different procedures in an attempt to mitigate, if not eliminate, the pain resulting from these issues. In Sean Hampton, I have finally found a physical therapist that has rendered me, if not totally pain-free, able to exercise and keep myself in good physical condition so that I may pursue the outdoor activities I most enjoy, specifically hiking and road-biking. This he has done — and continues to do — by means of a variety of hands-on techniques, and “homework” assignments consisting of personalized strengthening and flexibility exercises to address my particular issues.  In short, I cannot recommend Sean more highly.



Curtis F. Shepard, Ph.D.


"After a lumbar spinal fusion, my surgeon at the UCLA Spine Center recommended Sean Hampton for physical therapy. Seeing Sean and following the plan he created for me has made an immense difference in my life. I feel so grateful that I was able to have such a skilled and caring physical therapist help me recover, become active and feel like myself again. I wholeheartedly recommend him! If I ever need physical therapy again, I have no doubt that I would return to seek help from Sean."



"Dear Sean,

I want you to know how much I appreciated all the great Physical Therapy and TLC throughout all our sessions and injuries, pre-op, post, or and maintenance! You have helped me become aware of bad posture habits, brought me back to feeling well and functional from my accidents and surgeries, and have taught me so much about my body. I loved our eclectic conversations too!

Warmest Regards."



​"Dear Sean Hampton

I would like to express my sincere thanks to you for helping me with my various orthopedic issues. Every treatment that went by, I could feel the improvement in the way that accommodating during each and every visit. It was a pleasure working with you and I thank you for all that you have done. Best Regards."


Cherna Gitnick.


I met Sean Hampton after I had had several accidents - skiing, being rear-ended by a car, and breaking my tailbone rollerblading. Sean was recommended to me by a great physician at UCLA. When the doctor gave me a list of several physical therapists, I asked whom he would recommend and he immediately said Sean Hampton. He is very knowledgeable in physical therapy and a 100 professional with his clients. He's thorough and he makes sure you are getting results and feel better. Sean is also great at making you feel comfortable and he explains to you what is happening with your body in a very easy way. 

Roxana Cortes.

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